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The presentation Nan Henderson has given to hundreds of audiences of educators, counselors, parents, military personel & other helpers is now available as a webinar!AVAILABLE NOW

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The Full Webinar Features:

  • Two parts – a total of 1.5 hours
  • Application activities included to equal 2 hours CEU credits
  • Full color, dozens of slides, and embedded video
  • Perfect for staff development or individual learning
  • (Optional) quiz available for organizations to verify participation
  • Many people have said this presentation (live format) is “One of the best, most useful I’ve ever attended!”
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Webinar content includes…

  1. The research foundation of resiliency: Where does it come from? How does it happen?
  2. Is everyone resilient? Why do some kids deal better with stress/adversity than others?
  3. What are specific, hands-on ways to put recommendations from resiliency research into action?
  4. What are “individual” and “environmental” resiliency-builders? How can you easily identify them? How can you make them grow?
  5. How can you build the resiliency of those you care about in almost every conversation?
  6. What is the Resiliency Wheel and why is it an important tool?
  7. What are the “Four Most Important Steps to Fostering Resiliency?”
  8. Why is Resiliency the foundation for academic and life success?
  9. How can you improve your resiliency?

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Your link with the webinar and your package of 10 handouts will be e-mailed to you.

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