Resiliency In Action
Book Testimonials

“A fabulous resource! Henderson's work has definitely motivated me to change my frame of mind, and remind me why I love working with children in the field of education. She reminds us all that children, no matter how traumatized or troubled, are not helpless, but have the opportunity to become as successful as they wish to be!”

Mona Jasemian,

California School Psychologist

“What a wealth of information for school teachers and counselors. Although it is focused on children, the information is transferable to other age groups. There are interviews, activities and articles written by a variety of experts…I am…impressed.”

Paula P. Smith, Ph.D.,

Director of Victim-Witness Advocacy
Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia

“Where you now see youth and adults with problems, [this book] will show you people with strengths and promise. Where you now feel helpless and hopeless, it will show you your power to help others change and to make changes in your own life...As a clinical psychologist and social worker for over 20 years, I have used the resiliency-based principles and suggestions in this book to create a more successful strengths-based practice…”

Craig Noonan M.S.W., Ph.D.,

Book Contributor

“This is the bible for our work!”

Barbara Keller, (RET),

Director, Suffolk Coalition to Prevent Alcohol
and Drug Dependencies, Long Island, NY

“A resource for changing hearts and minds.”

Brenda Holben (RET),

SDRSC Coordinator, Cherry Creek, CO

“Bursting with new ideas, best practices, portraits of innovative programs and relevant policies… Ahead of the curve.”

Dennis Saleeby, Ph.D.,

Editor of The Strengths Perspective in Social Work Practice

“Unique and important…drawing on the work of major thinkers, writers, practitioners….”

Peter Benson, Ph.D.,

(past) President of Search Institute