Healing the Resilient Soul:
Spirituality & the Psychology of Human Resilience

Why do some people, when faced with problems and distress, bounce back and do well while others seem to flounder? Is there a way to facilitate a greater ability to overcome life’s adversity as well as use it as a stepping stone to greater awareness and self-realization?

This presentation will focus on the growing body of social science research that suggests that each person does have an “innate self-righting tendency”–a capacity for resilience–and how this capacity is connected to one’s true spiritual nature, as perceived across several spiritual traditions and thinkers. Experiential activities that nurture resilience by meeting the needs of the soul will be an integral part of our time together, including creativity, music, storytelling, laughter, deep human sharing, and building cohesive community. Please bring a selection of music that inspires (on CD/ cassette); stories that motivate (fables, myths), and whatever makes you laugh when “the going gets tough” (jokes, cartoons) to contribute to our interactive session.